Inspired Leaders

Our mission is to provide inspirational stories, business strategies, and relationship building opportunities for everyone who attends our monthly luncheons. We have local leaders speaking each month sharing their moments of grit, passion, and success! 

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When and where

Join us at Inspired Leaders on the 2nd Friday of each month starting at 11:30am. This luncheon is held at Diamond Client Group in The Woodlands, Texas. Everyone is welcome to attend, we simply ask that you RSVP on the Facebook event so that we can get a head count. Bring your business cards and plan to network!


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Past Speakers

thank you daryl jones for being september’s guest speaker!

Daryl Jones had a promising career as a professional baseball player for the St. Louis Cardinals. Unfortunately, injuries ended his career short and he was left to find something else. He took up coaching young athletes and discovered his passion for motivating and inspiring people by sharing stories of his own struggles and using the valuable life lessons his mother taught him at an early age.

Daryl is the author of "God Cares About Sports", a personal trainer for young athletes and motivational speaker. He works to help you transform your potential into power. Whether you're a young kid playing baseball or an adult entrepreneur, you can learn something from Daryl Jones. To find out more about Daryl, visit his website

thank you angela aja for being june’s guest speaker!

Angela's life changed for what seemed to be the worse when she suddenly became a single mother of 4 children. She went from a stay at home mom to suddenly being the soul provider of her family. She shares her journey through failure, striving for perfection and creating a new life for herself and her family.

Angela is the best selling author of Summoned to Soar: Five Stages of the Rise of a Woman. She is a life coach with over 30 years of experience mentoring, coaching and training leaders to shape impactful lives for themselves and their communities. To find out more and check out her book, visit

thank you stacy harris for being may’s guest speaker!

Stacy opened up and shared with us a story she had never told before. This sparkling, extremely generous and well put together woman didn't always have it put together. From leaving a toxic relationship and having everything she owned stripped from her, overcoming a chronic illness and not knowing where she belonged. Stacy found strength in the people she met along the way, and built herself up to the woman we know today. These stories inspire us, because no matter your beginnings, there is a way for you to come out of the darkness.

Stacy founded Network In Action (NIA) in The Woodlands, Texas in Jan 2016. Since then, she has started more chapters and has built a tremendous network within the community. To find out more about Network In Action and how you can be apart of it, visit

thank you missy herndon for being April’s guest speaker!

Missy's story was heart wrenching, inspiring and truly one of a kind. Missy's son, Will, was diagnosed with an extremely rare fatal disease while only in kindergarten. Missy shared with us her story of hope and perseverance in fighting for a cure for Will. Not only is she a mother to 3 boys, she is a business woman and a creator of hope. Thank you Missy for taking time out of your very busy schedule to share your story with us.

Missy is the CEO of Interfaith The Woodlands and has built her life around serving others. She created the Will Herndon Fund to help raise awareness and money to find a cure for her son's extremely rare disease. To find out more about her foundation, visit

thank you pabloe vasquez for being march’s guest speaker!

Pablo Vasquez from Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital joins us this month at Inspired Leaders! We are thrilled to have someone from such a large, successful organization join us and speak to our guests! Each month is full of surprises, and this month was not short of them. Pablo shares his story from starting out as a nurse to a leadership role. He gives guidance on managing all types of people and the things you can do in a leadership position to better yourself and your team members.

thank you eddie skinner for being February’s guest speaker!

What a privileged it was to have Eddie Skinner, the owner of Storehouse Mortgage with us this month for Inspired Leaders! He gets personal and shares the importance of guarding your heart in life and business. Eddie is an inspiration to many and we are honored that he spoke with us. Visit to find out more about home loans.

thank you Jentry kelley for being january’s guest speaker!

Jentry keeps it real with her inspiring story of the roadblocks she has had to overcome to get to where she is today; the owner and creator of her own makeup line. Jentry's sparkling personality shines through, and no, the entire talk is not about makeup! So men, do not hesitate to tune in. Visit to check out her cosmetics line.

thank you steve scott for being december’s guest speaker!

Steve Scott has spoken in rooms with hundreds of people and he was so gracious to speak at Inspired Leaders! Steve is a personal business coach, entrepreneur and author. Visit for more information about Steve’s profession as a business coach.

For December’s luncheon, Steve shared his tools to having the best year yet! Positive Wishing vs. Positive Thinking, why you should not be a complainer and how to face the Five Enemies From Within.

thank you bob milner for being november’s guest speaker!

Bob Milner has read 62 books this year! He is a wealth of knowledge and a guy you want to know. He owns multiple businesses, teaches college and entrepreneurial classes, and focuses on community and being able to give back. He is constantly learning, growing and sharing with the people around them to help and encourage their growth. "No matter where you are in life, there is always someone you can help." Are you leaving a footprint of impact?

thank you demetrius walker for being october’s guest speaker!

Demetrius Walker is a renaissance man, dabbling in DJing, business development at Lonestar Community College, an author and has even created his own clothing line. He encourages us to dream and reach for those goals that we never thought possible.

thank you terry weaver for being september’s guest speaker!

Terry Weaver is the founder of VEL Institute. The VEL Institute works to help Veterans, entrepreneurs, and leaders connect and develop through collaborative learning. To find out more visit

Terry gave an amazing talk encouraging you to lead those around you through acts of service.

thank you Frank gray for being august's guest speaker! 

Frank Gray is the owner of Abby Realty, a real estate brokerage company. His teams works with families looking to buy or sell their home. To find out more, visit his website

Frank gave a heart wrenching talk where he revealed many struggles he has overcome in life including filing for bankruptcy and having a child with special needs.

thank you Josh Cherry for being July's guest speaker!

Josh Cherry is the owner of Delta Life Fitness. DLF is a women's only group training program that is specifically designed to the needs of women. To find out more visit his website

Josh gave an incredible talk encouraging you to dream BIG and to reach for those goals that seem unattainable.