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We are avid readers and podcast consumers, always finding a new series to listen to in the hopes of learning something new. We realized we wanted to create a platform for all of the amazing business owners we have met along the way to share some of the great advice, knowledge and stories of grit and triumph that have brought them to where they are today.

We try to make our guests feel at home, less like an interview and more like a much needed talk between old friends. Through this podcast, we hope that you walk away feeling inspired and reenergized, knowing that people just like you and me have been knocked down, but didn’t give up. They have faced hardships and come out the other side to a better tomorrow. If this podcast can provide you that little piece of goodness you have been searching for, then we have done what we sought out to do. Thanks for listening.

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jp lane

jp lane - walking again

On the podcast we have JP and Crystal Lane! JP is a former 12 Bravo Combat Engineer in the US Army. In 2011, during his time in the Army JP was blown up by a 200 pound IED bomb. That explosion resulted in 26 injuries, 28 surgeries, 6 weeks in a coma, and JP losing the lower parts of both of his legs. Even after all of that, being a double amputee and having his life permanently altered, JP says that he is thankful that he was blown up because the most impactful and inspiring part of his story started had started. JP shares the intense physical and mental work he had to do to fully recover and no longer be a Wounded Warrior but to be a Warrior that is healed. JP travels around the country and the world sharing his story and playing his music. He is now a successful musician that has played with a number of world-renowned artists and also performed live at two Presidential Inaugurations. In this podcast we really only scratch the surface of his story, his struggle, and his triumphs. JP’s book titled “Walking Again” will be published September 11th, 2019.



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bob milner, phillip wilkerson & barry blanton

who is your george bailey?

This is a really special episode for a number of reasons. First, we get to highlight three phenomenal people that are doing incredibly impactful things in our world. Next, is that the inspiration for this particular episode came from an event Elizabeth and I were able to attend where Admiral William McRaven was the keynote speaker. Which by the way if you don’t know who Admiral McRaven is (and I didn’t at the time) you most definitely need check him out! He has accomplished many lifetimes worth of great achievements and has a great personal story to go along with. Admiral McRaven’s message during his keynote drew from the iconic film “It’s a Wonderful Life”. McRaven used the narrative to highlight that every day average people all can be George Bailey in their own unique way. He ended his speech by saying “You change one life, and you never know how that’s going to effect thousands of lives. You’re all George Bailey”


judge wayne mack

judge wayne mack - Lead Even When No One Is Looking

Judge Mack is Montgomery County (Texas) Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace. His self-described path "from janitor to judge" is incredibly motivating. Starting out in the 1980's taking an overnight janitor's job to supplement his income he has now served Montgomery County in a number of positions for nearly 35 years consecutively. Receiving promotions due largely to his work ethic, focus, and utilization of the success equation E+R=O (Events+Response=Outcome) Judge Mack became the county's Director of Building Services and served in that position for nearly 20 years before being elected as Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace. He has authored a book titled "The Directed Path" published in 2017, is an in-demand public speaker in the Houston area, and an overall phenomenal human being.

scott wells - The Best Lessons Are Learned In Time

Scott is the founder and owner of Lift Strong Run Fast, a recovery based conditioning and strength discipline. We discuss his fitness background and the roots of LSRF, several successes and challenges that Scott has faced and what motivates and inspires him. He tell us about the personal transformation of being baptized, his perspective on steroids, and tons of more interesting topics from business, entrepreneurship, and travel.


michael hurd - thursday night lights

Native Houstonian Michael Hurd is a writer and historian currently serving as director of Prairie View A&M University’s Texas Institute for the Preservation of History and Culture which is digitally documenting 500 years of black history in Texas. He is an Air Force/Vietnam veteran, recipient of the Air Force Commendation Medal and a graduate in Journalism of the University of Texas at Austin. He has worked as a sports writer at the Houston Post, the Austin American-Statesman, USA Today, and Yahoo Sports, and has authored three books, including his most recent “Thursday Night Lights, the Story of Black High School Football in Texas.” He serves on the selection committee for the Black College Football Hall of Fame, is a board member for the Writers’ League of Texas, and a member of the Texas Institute of Letters.

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elizabeth & andy- #askescpodcast

Andy & Elizabeth answer the first round of listener the Toyota Tundra studio. Sorry for the ambient sounds we were literally on the road recording. Thank you to all of the questions that were asked. Keep them coming! We will have another round of listener questions in the very near future. Thanks for listening!


chad patterson - Timeless Proven Principles of Leadership

Chad is an executive leadership coach that implements the principles of John C. Maxwell. A lot of great experience and stories Chad has to share and we barely scratch the surface in this show. We talk about his teaching background and how he became a pioneer in leadership in the public school system. Later, his journey becoming the Executive Director of Camp Buckner and we dig into a few of the Maxwell leadership principles that stand out to Chad. Towards the end, Chad turns the tables on us and we end up answering a few of his questions! Tune in, this is a great one.

Steve Scott.jpg

Steve Scott - Better is Always Different

Steve is the owner of The Houston Business Coach and he helps guide businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals to success. He has nearly 40 years of experience in various sectors from multi-national importing & exporting to the financial services sector, and much more. Steve is a masterful storyteller and has loads of knowledge, insight, and words of inspiration that you can immediately apply in your life and business.  Check out his book "Wings to Fly: Your Daily Lift Off to Soar to Greater Heights."

Demetrius Walker Headshot.jpg

demetrius walker - the value of self education

Demetrius Walker is the Director of the North Houston Economic Development Center at Lone Star College as well as a published author, professional keynote speaker, entrepreneur, music producer and DJ. A graduate from Vanderbilt University with a BA in Economics, Demetrius talks about his passion for sustainable economic development and entrepreneurship. He delves into his experience co-founding and owning a clothing company and how that led him to creating a record label.

demetrius walker


angela aja - summoned to soar

Angela is the author of "Summoned to Soar: The 5 Stages of the Rise of a Woman.” She is also an ordained minister, a Le Cordon Bleu trained chef, Certified Life Coach, a business owner and entrepreneur, a mother of four, and a Grandmother! She shares with us the story of her successes as well as the many obstacles she’s had to come. A lot to offer in this podcast!


barry Blanton - we are all leaders

Barry is the founder and owner of Blanton Advisors which specializes in CFO Business Consulting Services. He has more than 30 years of business financial and operational executive experience in the banking, housing, wholesale distribution and building products industries. He shares his leadership ideas, his incredible story of being a Lymphoma survivor, and how he was meant to do good with his life and his experiences.

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Andy & Elizabeth's Most Impactful Books

In this episode Andy & Elizabeth discuss the 12 books that have been the most impactful in helping them grow their business.


Jamie & Heather Schneider - Closer Connections Through Photography

Jamie and Heather own Folk Portraits and Dark Roux Wedding Photography. They were named one of the 30 Rising Stars of Wedding photography in 2016 by Rangefinder Magazine and were also the Grand Prize Winner of the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International 2016 Competition. They discuss their journey into the photography business, why they uprooted their wildly successful business in New Orleans, LA and moved to The Woodlands, TX.

Jamie & Heather Schneider

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guest highlights - Elizabeth & andy

This episode is a little different than our first 12. In this episode Andy & Elizabeth discuss each of the first twelve guests on the ESC Podcast. They trade notes on their biggest takeaways from each guest and how each episode has enriched their lives and improved them personally and professionally.

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Donald & Xanath Thomson - Finding Your Life's Vocation

Husband and wife real estate duo Donald & Xanath Thomson join the podcast. They have a very sharp focus on growing their real estate business, guiding their family, impacting their community, and being true to their faith all at the same time. We have learned a lot from them over the years and can’t wait to share them with you!

Donald & Xanath Thomson


Mary Anderson - Knowing, Living, & Expressing Your Truth

Mary Anderson is the co-owner of All Organized. She talks with us about the ups and downs of being a "Mompreneur” and shares her tactical, strategic, and theoretical advice for harmonizing the rigors of running a growing business and raising a growing child.


jackie & Christine Battle - proving believers right

Many of you may know Jackie from his time in the NFL as a running back from 2007-2014. Since retiring from the NFL, Jackie and his wife Christine have become entrepreneurs and opened a women's clothing boutique called Philanthropy. This amazing duo discuss their journey, what inspires them, and the challenges they have faced along the way.

JAckie & Christine BAttle


josh cherry - optimistically optimistic

Josh Cherry, the super-energetic and optimistic CEO and Director of Franchising for Delta Life Fitness, talks about his unique leadership style, his time as a Marine Corps door gunner and helicopter pilot, and how he embraces the 6 principles of his Optimistically Optimistic attitude.

Frank Gray.jpg

frank gray - You're Either Great Or You're Going To Be

Frank Gray is the owner and founder of Abby Realty. Frank shares his journey to success over the past 20 years in several different roles in real estate across the country. His background in ministry, challenges along his path, and lessons learned have shaped his leadership principles and personal values.


bob milner - Understanding the Impact of Your Footprint

Bob has worked in many fields including corporate leadership, teacher and military. He currently sits on the board of many non-profits, he is an investor and owns many businesses, and is a professor at Lone Star college. This is a guy you definitely want to know.


stacy harris - The Power of Positivity

Stacy is the owner of Impressions by Stacy Harris. Like many of our guests, Stacy has transitioned from multiple careers to where she is today. She talks about the importance of networking and shares with us a powerful story of how networking saved her husband’s life.

Julie Peters Headshot.jpg

Julie Peters - Don't Let Doubt Knock You Out

Julie is the Executive Regional VP for Arbonne International. We talk with her about transitioning from over 25 years in the corporate world to building a successful network marketing company. Julie also tells us about the people, experiences and books that have inspired her in life and business. She is an incredible person with a shining personality. Tune in!

Terry Weaver.jpg

terry weaver - Peace that Surpasses All Understanding

Terry is the co-founder of the VEL Institute that helps veterans, entrepreneurs, and leaders connect and develop through collaborative learning. He has an amazing underdog story, rising from poverty, drugs, incarceration to joining the military as a way out. 

Teresa DeFord.jpg

Teresa deford - Every Problem is an Opportunity

Teresa is the owner of DeFord Law Firm. She talks about the legal side of real estate and the important documents needed as a home owner. She also talks about her personal life and what it was like relocating from Michigan to this great state of Texas. 

Phillip Wilkerson.jpg

phillip wilkerson - failing your way to success

Phillip is the owner of Beacon Business Solutions where he specializes in helping businesses find and maintain success. He opens up about his family and the struggle of having a child with juvenille diabetes. 

Phillip Wilkerson

Eddie Skinner HeadShot.jpeg

eddie skinner - being f.a.t.

Eddie is the owner of Storehouse Mortgage, LLC. and has been in the mortgage business for many years. In this podcast Eddie talks about changing careers, having a healthy work-life balance and why you should be FAT. This is a good one you won't want to miss!

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