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A Vessel for an Era – Kaitlyn’s Story

Moving into a new home is often filled with new possibilities, new beginnings, and hope for a bright future ahead. As the time in weeks, months, and even years go by, the house becomes a capsule of the memories good and bad that were made within its walls. It serves as a vessel for an era in a person’s life.

This was true for Kaitlyn who purchase a home that would be hers for 10 years of her life. During that time, she was married, had a son, and lived a life with a husband who she would eventually divorce. When he moved out, a home that was originally supposed to house a family of three went to two. Kaitlyn was unexpectedly faced with the struggles and tribulations of single mother living in a large space that was meant for a different path in life. While the house was still her and her son’s home, it represented a time in their life that had passed when her husband left, and she was tasked with the emotional journey of creating a new path in her life.

Grabbing the bull by its horns, Kaitlyn rolled up her sleeves and began to carve out the new chapter of her life. She worked on herself, got to the point of dating again, and even met a serious partner. Unfortunately, in the process her now too large home was left in disarray since she was unable to keep up with the maintenance. Instead of being the home of new possibilities that it once was, the run-down home became dead weight and a representation of an era that she had left behind. Instead of an investment it was now baggage. Her and her son needed a smaller place that kept up with their new lives. An opportunity presented itself when her boyfriend received a promising job opportunity 2 hours away. This chance and potential new home was the next frontier and the new era in Kaitlyn’s life. However, her old home was holding her back.

Without selling it first, she was not in the financial position of buying a new home.

Here is her new problem – how can she sell her home? It was physically run-down, in need of serious maintenance, and physically unappealing. Without renovations and a make-over, this home was not going to be the top runner on any buyer’s list. With little time on her hands, it doesn’t make sense for her to spend the money to renovate a home that she was not going to live in. The house was holding her and her son back from their new life. Kaitlyn needed someone to purchase the home as-is quickly and at a price that was right for her. Luckily, this is exactly what EverSan Cooper was designed to help with.

Elizabeth Greever started her company EverSan Cooper for the purpose of helping families by relieving them of a house that is holding them back from new possibilities. Elizabeth made Kaitlyn an offer in December right before Christmas and closed the second week of January so that Kaitlyn could spend one last Christmas in her old house. By the first of February, Kaitlyn and her son moved into their new home with her new boyfriend. The money from the deal paid for the down payment of a new house and all moving expenses allowing Kaitlyn to fully enjoy the new chapter of her life in a new home that is right for her.

Kaitlyn’s story is told time and time again with families across the country. Many people find themselves in Kaitlyn’s shoes where they need a new start in life and what’s holding them back is a home that does not suit their needs anymore. Servicing the Houston area, EverSan Cooper is there to be your support and help. Elizabeth works to create fair and timely deals in purchasing homes as-is. No maintenance or repairs are necessary allowing people and families to easily transition into the next chapter of their lives. If you have a home that is holding you back, give us a call at 832-271-2753. You can also schedule a free home review with us on our website to get the process rolling! Don’t put your next era of your life on pause by living in the old one – we’re here to help.

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