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Best Cat Litter Furniture

No one enjoys the smelliness and awful sign of clumped cat litter. While necessary to have plenty of litter boxes around for the floofball, there are ways to conceal their bathroom so that it’s not an eyesore to you. Here are a some of our favorite cat litter enclosures that give your cat their privacy and you yours:

GDLF Cat Enclosure – This is a functional table where knick-knacks can be stored up top and your cat litter in the cabinets themselves. There are easy open and close doors that allow you to access the litter box easily for cleaning. Additionally, there is an alcove at the entrance so that you cat has an opportunity to brush of their feet before entering back into the house.

Pawland Cat Enclosure – Cat enclosures are more expensive than you might think they are. Luckily this option is slightly more affordable than most at around $70 (vs. $100-200 for others). It gets the job done with easily access for your little guy and the top functioning as a nightstand or table stand.

Plotkin Cat Enclosure – Sleek and well built, this is a narrowing version that is great for smaller cats and for smaller spaces. Like the others, the top can be used as a table. There is even a small draw to keep your cat’s knick-knacks.

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