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  • Michael Dattolico

Best Japanese Platform Bedframes

Japandi is a growingly popular interior design style that is gaining traction in many minimalist homes. Basically, it’s a marriage between Japanese and Scandinavian styles and functionality. It focuses on neutral colors, woods, and clean lines and shapes.

One of the center pieces for this kind of style is a Japanese platform bed. A platform bed is notably lower than stand beds since the Japanese believe that sleeping on or close to floor helps align your bones and back better. Here are some of our favorites:

Haiku Designs – This company offers a multitude of different designs, some appearing truer to the nature of a platform bed. Others are encroaching the midcentury platform style. Either way, the styles are simple and elegant. The quality is sturdy, and the price is reasonable for the product.

Floyd The Bed – This is such a stunning bedframe and true in its platform design. The Floyd is a company that specializes in making quality furniture that is resistant to breakage and easy to assemble. The point is that these are pieces that you can bring from home to home without hassle. They also make a limited range of items because they wanted to focus on the quality of each item, making the best that they can make of that specific furniture piece.

Low Modern Attic Bed – This is another true platform where the bottom of the frame is flush with the ground, imitating the true Japanese style. With plenty of real wood finishes, you can custom this frame the match the rest of your interior design.

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