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Business Decision: Arianne’s Story

One of the perks of owning multiple homes is that you can get to live in a different place for as long as you need, but what happens when both homes begin to break down? In this article, we’ll cover Arianne’s story of her multiple homes breaking down, and how selling as-is helped her.

Arianne owned two homes, one which she lived in and the other which she would rent out to people vacationing in the area. All was well until one day, Arianne received a message about an issue with her rental property. When she went to check, she realized someone had a leak in the kitchen that went unchecked, making it a much larger problem with water damage.

On top of the immense repairs needed for her second home, her current home needed renovations as well! She decided then that she wanted to live in a cooler area and that her current home was too big and she’d like to downsize. When she came to us at EverSan Cooper, we were able to offer her a competitive rate on her current home, which she then used to fix her rental home and make it her new space.

We hope you found Arianne’s story insightful and show the value of selling a home as-is. At EverSan Cooper, we take your stress away by buying as-is, with a quick process to buy your home at market prices. Call today to book an appointment for a free home review and let us handle the rest.

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