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Buying A New Home? Here's Moving Out During Covid-19

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

As a new normal takes place, those who are moving during this time face new challenges. Cleaning is a given, but the kind required today is much different. Don’t overthink it, you can still start moving during a pandemic (if legal in your area) safe and possible for you and your family. Here are the tips to get ready for a stress and safe transition:

  • Dispose old boxes and get new ones Before, it is as easy as going to your neighbor who recently moved and ask for spare boxes. But for now, it is recommended that you purchase new boxes as cardboard can be difficult to disinfect.

  • Wear protection Don’t pack your gloves, masks and sanitizer. Be always prepared when you are loading and unloading your moving vehicle.

  • Disinfect and sanitize Before moving your items to your new home. Sanitize all door knobs, counter tops, and all frequently touched ares such as appliance handles and kitchen utensils.

  • Wash your hands This one is a given, but this time we need to make sure to always do it during a move. You may attempt to avoid touching surfaces others have touched at all cost, but your best bet is to just make sure you are keeping your own hands clean and off of your face.

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