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Diamond Oak Transformation Home Buying Process - Before

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Searching for the right investment in the right area is hard to find. There are opportunities everywhere but it’s always about the numbers! I mean, I was a math teacher, it’s very black and white.

This house has great bones, and a beautiful spirit. It just needed some TLC to bring it to life. It is with great joy that we walk properties and plan the project, and this one was no different. There is a big kitchen renovation coming our way with lots of creativity to make a great use of space and functionality.

List of repairs:

  1. All the things!

Looking through these, you would agree how renovating the entire property is the best way to restore its beauty. But above all of the repairs and repainting needed, it’s important to reflect on all the love and great memories that have been had in this house.


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