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Home Buyers Guide in Making Your Home Dog Friendly

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

There’s a joke (half joke really) that millennials are buying homes with backyards for their dog instead of pools for their kids. But why just start at the outside of the home? Why have a guest room when your dog can have their own room! Joking matters aside, there are plenty of ways for all pet owners to modify and enhance their living space to accommodate for their furry, tag wagging family members.

The first might be the most obvious but carpet is a pet owners’ enemy. It’s difficult to keep clean and especially tough for pet accidents (which we know are unavoidable). Switching carpets for tile or pet-friendly wood floors go a long way in keeping your space clean and odor-free.

Raised food and water bowls are an under-rated tool for our pet’s comfort. These are especially helpful for older dogs who have arthritis since elevating food and water bowls prevent them from needing to lower their heads. By lowering their head and sometimes needing to bend their elbows and knees causes strain as well as off sets their balance as opposed to a standing position. This is something to consider for younger dogs as well as since eating in an upright position can be more comfortable overall.

Lastly, replace your shower heads with detachable shower heads. This is key for good at-home pet grooming so that you can reach all your pet’s nooks and crannies to get every last mud cake off their fur. Bathing your dog regularly helps keeps the house clean and hair-free (as much as it can be). It also prevents staining of fabrics from outside dirt.

We hoped you enjoyed these tips! Are you looking to sell your home? EverSan Cooper is your as-is home buyer in the Houston, TX area. Whether your home is a laundry list of repairs, an outdated home, or financially draining, we will buy your house without the need for maintenance or repairs. We work with your timeline and make you a reasonable offer swiftly. As a small business, our goal is to help families and uplift communities by giving people the chance to start new. Give us a call or schedule a meeting with us to see how much your home is worth!

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