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New Beginnings: Katy’s Story

The holiday season is one meant to be spent with friends and family, and it's much harder to do so without a proper home away from your loved ones. In this article, we’ll go over Katy’s story and how she was able to have a new beginning by selling as-is.

Katy was a single mother who owned her house for more than 10 years. Though with age, the house required more and more maintenance. Especially with just her and her son, she realized her current house was too big and that downsizing was necessary. Her partner had received a job offer 2 hours away from their current town, so Katy decided she needed to move on with her current home.

With moving expenses as well as given the time it would take to list her home, Katy didn’t want to go through the hassle of waiting. When she came to us at EverSan Cooper in December, we offered and signed with her a competitive rate right before Christmas, and closed in January so she could spend the holiday season with her son at their original home. With the sale, they could move on to their new home in a new town, with nothing holding them back.

We hope you found Katy’s story insightful and show the value of selling a home as-is. At EverSan Cooper, we take your stress away by buying as-is, with a quick process to buy your home at market prices. Call today to book an appointment for a free home review and let us handle the rest.

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