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Personal Development Speed Round: Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Coaching

No matter how long you have lived or what experience you have, no single person has the answer to everything. We can all use a little guidance and a different perspective no matter what our credentials are or how many letters we have behind our names. Some people might think coaching is “cheating”. Why seek help when you can build character by facing the challenges on your own? The flaw to this type of thinking is taking away your own credibility if you do seek help. Let us explain why.

Say you are canoeing down a river. The first day, you are in a canoe that has a couple of leaks. They are small leaks so it’s not impeding your rowing too much, but the bottom of the canoe is soggy making it an unpleasant experience. Also, every now and then, there is enough water that you have to empty out the bottom with a cup. Even though there are these challenges, and you can feel the frustration building by the minute, you make it down the river successfully.

The next day you have to row down the river again, but you decided to choose a better canoe with no leaks. Throughout the journey, your feet stay dry and not once do you have to empty the bottom of the canoe of water. Free of your frustrations, you can turn your attention to other things such as enjoying the view around you and being present with your thoughts. You are also able to arrive at your destination with some emotional and physical energy to spare!

Getting coaching is like paddling with the canoe with no leaks. You are still doing the work of paddling the canoe, but your coach gives you the support and perspective you need to grow in different ways, enjoy your life more fully, and get to your goals faster. Coaching is the help that capable people seek to become phenomenal.

This article was inspired by one of Elizabeth’s, the founder of EverSan Cooper, YouTube videos. You can also find her on her YouTube channel!

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