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  • Michael Dattolico

Personal Development Speed Rounds: Focus on Strength

Too often, we focus on our weaknesses. We hyper fixate on our personal characteristics we perceive as being negative and distasteful and fill our psyche with feelings of inadequacy. We rarely complement the strengths that we have. Even less, we don’t complement the strength it takes to acknowledge our weaknesses and be okay with it.

Growing as a person never stops. In the words of YouTube influencer, doctor, and entrepreneur Ali Abdaal, “journey before destination”. The road of self-development isn’t just savored by progress but also by how you got there. Imagine if you wanted to be less critical. You wished it, you manifested it, and the next day, poof like magic you were. You’re wish was magically granted the day after you wished for self-change. Versus, in the real world, we self-reflect, we create relationships that foster supportive circles, and go through the effort of creating new habits. While this journey takes longer, years even, when we reflect back we can be proud of the progress and work we put in. It builds self-trust that you can conquer anything. So, dear reader, next time you feel the self-criticism bubbling up, take a minute to also appreciate the journey and strides that you have already taken.

For more self-improvement and motivational content, visit Elizabeth’s YouTube channel where you can find her video on focusing on strength and more!

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