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Personal Development Speed Rounds: Vulnerability

Vulnerability is the state in which your true self and your true feelings are exposed for others to see. It’s a state that is well…extremely vulnerable. You aren’t sure how others will view you because you have let down all your protective walls that were built with the intention of warding off judgement and hurt. However, whatever walls are built to keep others out, also keeps you in. It keeps you walled off from the ability to connect with others on a deeper level as well as connect with yourself.

What are some ways that you can ease into vulnerability? The best way to start is to confide in someone you trust and supports you. When you need a shoulder to lean on or someone to talk to, challenge yourself to be completely yourself and express your true emotions to this person or community. Doing so will give you the agency to recognize your true feelings so that you can build up the skill of being honest with yourself. Having the mental ability to recognize what you are feeling and having the language to convey those feelings is huge. It’s not necessarily something we learned in school so it’s something that needs to be practiced in adulthood.

To listen to Elizabeth’s full talk, check out her YouTube video and check out her channel for more inspirational tid bits and renovation videos!

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