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Red End Property Renovation (Before) (Part 1)


Hey y'all it is Monday and we are walking our newest flip. We are about a week into our Renault here. We are still under construction and just prepping everything right now, but the guys are doing a great job. Seth and our team are just totally on top of it and they've got lots of good stuff going on here. So I wanted to show you around. This is a beautiful one story in Augusta Pines and it is going to be to die for.


When we are done with this place. So let me turn this camera around and show you what we got going on right now so you can see the floor, so when you walk in.


There's a, I guess, formal living room and formal dining. And then over here to the side is kind of like a office, maybe media room, something like that. Just like a bonus, a bonus room. But there's no closet, so it's not a bedroom.


And then go straight back here and we have our kitchen here on the right. You guys, I'm totally dying. So the previous people, we did not know this one about the house, they put tile over wood floors. So if you can see this is wood floor and then this is all tile residue from where we took up the tile because we didn't want the tile in the kitchen. Yeah, they put tile over wood floors. So unfortunately we cannot salvage any of this, which is too bad, but it is.


What it is so now all the floors are gonna come up because we're going to try and match this and we can't. So all of these floors are going to come up with actually not real wood. So it's kind of OK, but still like they're nice floors and we could have done something with them, but it happens. So anyways, so this is the kitchen into the living room, which is really great. So the kitchen is huge and super open, so it's just great for entertaining and hosting and getting a lot of stuff done in there. So we're going to have a new countertops, paint the cabinets, new floors, all the good stuff, and then into this huge.


Like family room with tons of natural light. Like there's one tiny little light bulb on in this room as you can see and all this light coming in. So it's going to be awesome. Really nice big backyard anyways. And it's a split plan so the master is off to the left side of the house. So here is this huge master bedroom with three big old windows, which I love because again, there are no lights on in here and tons and tons of light coming in and then two big hits in her closets and then this bathroom is going to be super fine. So we've got 2 vanities.


Here, which is great. So these nannies are going to get painted and the new tops on them. So we've got his and her vanities, a walk in shower that will be beautiful with tile when we are done. And then a what's your closet again? Lots of light coming in here, which is really nice. And I like that there's blinds instead of like the the frosted glass in the bathroom. I don't like that as much. So anyways, so we're going to walk through the kitchen to the other side of the house where there are two other bedrooms and a bathroom.


Hey, say hi.


So anyways, so we've got bright purple. We are not keeping this, but this is one of our bedrooms. Again, tons and tons of natural light down the hallway and we're going to peek into this bathroom real quick. So new vanity I'll come to, great new stuff going in here and new towels around throughout the shower. Look at this delicious return we will be replacing and can't wait for that. Another bedroom. Lots of colors going on in this house. All of these colors are obviously going, but again, just tons and tons of natural light.


Storage and garage. Everybody wants toilets in their garage, right? No, I'm just kidding. So anyways, we've got our work cut out here. Oh, and this big old laundry room too with some things to repair. Look at that loveliness. Yes, can't wait for that. So anyways, there's a lot going on in this house, but it is a beautiful, amazing house and we are super, super excited. So keep staying tuned in and we will give you some more updates as we're going and we hope you enjoy it.


We are Everson Cooper. Your as is home buyer.

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