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Red End Renovation (During) (Part 2)


I will not get in their way of that but seriously just paint on cabinets makes a huge huge difference and Seth and his team used this Soji white too. I don't know if you can really tell in this lighting but it's a really pretty like off white. It's so so nice. So anyways no progress in the shower yet but you can see that they've like built out where the like that little insert, it's going to go for shampoo and things like that and where that's all going to be for a stand up shower here. So obviously they've got the right rock board and things to put in but.


It is coming, coming along, so there's bathroom is making some progress and seriously, all they've done so far is white paint on the trim and paint on the ceilings and it is making a huge, huge difference. So here we go into the living room, you can see everything is covered up.


That's looking good. So they do all this first. This is so smart. Like get everything painted first and then paint the walls and stuff like that afterwards. But it is looking good. The guys are doing such a good job. We have the best team of people that's rocking and rolling on these houses. It's kind of unbelievable. Anyways, hop back here to the laundry room, not a big difference. Somebody changed their clothes here apparently. And here's that little front office area where the floors were, and then around the hall to the other two bedrooms. So again.


Just paint. Paint on the ceilings and the trim makes a huge, huge difference in the house. It's kind of unbelievable. Everything's getting ready for this show here. They're going to retile around out there, so they've gotten it all prepped. And and then this bedroom in here, so saw lots of really good changes, lots of fun stuff going on, lots of fun painting. Anyways, this house looks so, so good. I'm really, really stoked we are moving forward and moving forward fast. So stay tuned for our progress. We're doing some.


Really fun things here this summer. So this is our flip number one for the summer and we are really stoked about it. So thank you so much for checking in and we'll see you guys soon.


Hello, happy Wednesday. I am at our flip on Elmwood Place in Augusta Pines. We're so excited about this house. We have had such massive progress on this thing. It's unbelievable. And right now they're cleaning out the floors so that when everything gets here, they can install the floors and install the countertops and it's going to be on its merry way. So let me show you around and show you our progress. So here is the living and dining room. Everything is painted and beautiful. This is all the trust that they're picking up off the floors baseboards.


Are in. So we are going to have all of our baseboards going up soon and down the hall into the kitchen. This kitchen is beautiful. The white that we use on the cabinets is Soji white. Our girl Laura is actually who found it and Seth and his team are doing a great job implementing it in to our properties and we actually had to do some refacing of some of these cabinets. It's amazing how quickly cabinets can start deteriorating and they look fine, but then when you really start opening them and you want to use them and they're no good.


So some of these spaces have been replaced here on a few of the on these two back cabinets and then on the cabinet around the sink over here. So anyways, just some things that come up sometimes, but everything's looking good and we've got to get a new door here. I don't think we should keep this door. I don't know. What do you guys think? There's lots of things going on with the window panes and it's kind of dingy and it's kind of rotting at the bottom. You can see down here. It just is just some of the things that happen sometimes when things aren't.


As well taken care of as it could be, but this living room is amazing. There is tons and tons of natural light going on in here. It's so wonderful. It's open to the kitchen. It's just going to be a great splice. Hate space to entertain. And then over here in our master, I just love this room. These big three huge windows, huge closets. Everything is just painted and fresh and beautiful smell good in here actually. So anyways we are ready to go. We don't have decking.


Here yet they're sticking in the kitchen, but the guys are right there. It's so awesome. So we got to do tile surrounds and plumbing floors and we will be on our merry merry way. So as house is coming along great, we're really, really excited about it and we were excited to show you our continued progress. So thank you so much for checking in on our flip. It's so fun to get to tour this every week and see what's going on and show all of you. So keep tagging along and I'll keep showing you what we're doing. Thanks.


Hello. You have to make exciting things going on at Elmley today. Tile is going into the showers, which is super, super awesome. So the bathrooms are coming together. Nothing really big has changed in any of the main areas because the last thing that we do is like the floors and the baseboard and then the lighting, but they got to do the tile and all of the bathrooms first to make sure that's all good to go. So I'm going to show you what we've got going on like around, OK. So I'm going to hop over here.


Into the master.


Let's see. So this is the tile that we're putting in. It's just super pretty. It's kind of a greige color, and it's going to be mixed in with some things, as you can see here. Look how pretty this is. This shower is so amazing. A bunch of nooks for all of your shower supplies, which I just love, love, love. And then this different, like Pebble at the bottom, which is so pretty. And then there's going to be the Gray grout.


On the side of it. So this is just a really pretty color. It's very it's Gray, but it certainly goes with beiges and Browns too, depending on what everybody's preferences are. But just a really sweet beige, and it makes this shower feel huge, especially for how tall it goes. So this baby is looking good. All of these tiles are setting, as you can see, and then they will grout next. And then let's hop over to the other bathroom. There's a little more progressive guys actually are working in there right now.


How much beer? Ohh yeah. So we've got the tile on the floor and then up the shower. So it's awesome because it makes the bathroom look and feel so much bigger. So when this is all done it's just going to feel like one big line of tile making this room feel much, much much bigger. So it's super exciting and we should be done soon with this split. The guys are doing an awesome job just rocking and rolling, getting through everything and floors are next.


Throughout the household drums super excited to see so we will do some more updates as things progress, but thanks so much for tuning in.


We are ever since Cooper, your as is home buyer.

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