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Rushwing House Transformation - Before It Goes Up for Home Sale

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Rushwing Before

This beauty was sitting on the market for a really long time. The bones were in good shape, but the entire house needed work, and many buyers are looking for a home that doesn’t need any work.

This house was originally listed it at full market value - the price houses in that neighborhood were selling for fixed up. The seller lowered the price a number of times, and when it was finally within reason for us to make an offer, we did. After almost a year, we were able to purchase this house AS-IS and begin renovations!

When houses sit like this, there are a lot of obstacles: still paying mortgage/taxes/insurance/utilities, it is a vacant house that can:

1) Have issues occur like water leaks that go unnoticed.

2) Have squatters move in - it is not safe and a losing battle.

It’s better to sell the house and move on so that you don’t waste money and time on a house you don’t want anymore. The house was beautiful, but really needed someone who would do a live-in flip, and wanted that, or for an investor. A plan was pictured out and a challenge was accepted!

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