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  • Michael Dattolico

Smitten on Shelves!

Shelves not only offer a practical way to store items by taking advantage of vertical space, but they also provide an interior design opportunity! An empty home has both its floors and walls that draw attention. Furniture and household goods often take up visual space on the floor, but walls need items to draw attention to itself as well or the home will look half done. Shelving is part of the answer in making your wall space look properly used and decorated! Here are some of our favorites:

Kanissa Bookshelf – This floor to wall, 5-tier, ladder styled bookshelf is great for living rooms and offices. It has a sturdy build and is meant to be attached to the wall for an even stronger hold making this perfect for larger books, textbooks, family memorabilia, larger plants, etc. However, you can decorate it using whatever you please!

Teva Tiered Wall Shelf – This rustic piece adds fun wood accent to the walls. Being a smaller, three-tiered shelf, this would look great in the bathroom for skincare items, in the kitchen for mugs, or in the living room for small plants. The asymmetrical shelving and hand painted finish makes this piece look individually crafted giving it personality and fun.

We hoped you enjoyed this product guide! For more ideas and inspiration, visit our founder’s Elizabeth Greever’s LTK page!

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