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Stuck in Time – Stanley’s Story

While it is said that no parent should live to see their child pass, the converse isn’t any easier. Stanley was left with his parent’s home after their passing. Struck with grief, he was unable to keep up with its maintenance and repairs for years while living under its roof. The home had almost become stuck in time from the period when his parents passed causing the house to be outdated. Stanley himself felt stuck in the time his parents passed away and the house became more of a dark raincloud that followed him with every step. Still filled with his parents’ belongings such as clothes, photo albums, and kitchenware they had in the family since he was a boy, the home still felt like it belonged to his parents. Clearing out the house and making it truly a home for him was hard. In fact, almost impossible.

Stanley wanted to move on and needed change. Moving houses only seemed natural since it will allow for him to start over. He could have a home of his own that would capture his personality and where he wants to be in life. He can pay respects to his parents without their presence being a ghost in a home. In an effort to sell, Stanley hired a realtor. Unfortunately, with the home in disarray and in need of some serious work, few future homeowners considered his property worthwhile.

The realtor realized that the home is better off sold as-is and contact Elizabeth from EverSan Cooper. The months long process of trying to sell the home quickly and neatly wrapped up with a closing that took only a few weeks. To Stanley’s relief, he was able to finally move out of his parent’s home. While bittersweet, Stanley can move on with his life. His parent’s home received the proper renovations and updates making it a sparking new home for the next family. While one house served as a source of sadness for Stanley, it will soon serve as a window of opportunity for the next homeowner!

This story encapsulations EverSan Cooper’s purpose of helping families sell their home as-is giving them the opportunity to start fresh. Especially in a market where outdated homes are difficult to sell or severely underpriced, EverSan Cooper gives fair prices in a reasonable amount of time, so the next chapter of your life is not put on hold. If you find yourself in a position like Stanley’s, give us a call at give us a call at 832-271-2753. You can also schedule a free home review with us on our website to get the process rolling! You don’t need to feel stuck in time because your next chapter awaits.

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