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Taking Another Look: The Jefferson Family’s Story

Having a family home that lasts generations is truly special. Though through the passage of time, circumstances and people can change, but family will always remain. In this article we’ll discuss the Jefferson Family’s story and how they were able to remain together.

Before Elena Jefferson brought her family into her home, Elena was raised by her family in the same house. Even before Elena, her mother was raised there as well, with so much history in those walls, there came maintenance work to maintain the home. Beyond that, the house itself was large, more than enough space for the Jefferson’s family of five. In the end, Elena decided a change was necessary.

At first she wanted to keep up the maintenance with the home, after all her childhood and her family was always there. Though given the home’s size, renovations would not only be costly, but very time consuming, requiring them to stay in the home while intense renovations were underway. When she reached out to us at EverSan Cooper, we were able to offer her a fair evaluation of her home as-is and allow her to continue her family story somewhere new.

We hope you found The Jefferson Family’s story insightful and show the value of selling a home as-is. At EverSan Cooper, we take your stress away by buying as-is, with a quick process to buy your home at market prices. Call today to book an appointment for a free home review and let us handle the rest.

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