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  • Michael Dattolico

Taking Care: Richard’s Story

As life moves on, your space can serve as a reflection of that. For Richard, it took a natural disaster to see how he could take care of himself. In this article, we’ll discuss Richard’s story and how selling as-is allowed him to take care of himself.

Richard, an older gentleman, lived alone in his two story Texas home. After his late wife passed away, he had always felt his home was a bit too big, making him feel melancholy with so much space. When hurricane Harvey hit, his downstairs had become flooded and he had to live on his second floor for a while. When the water cleared and the damages were assessed, Richard saw this as a call to take care of himself and move on from his home.

Deciding he wanted to move elsewhere, he gave us a call at EverSan Cooper. We were able to quickly offer a fair value for his home and Richard decided to move into a senior facility. Being in a community free from the excess space he had in his previous home, Richard felt he could now properly move on and take care of himself now.

We hope you found Richard’s story insightful and show the value of selling a home as-is. At EverSan Cooper, we take your stress away by buying as-is, with a quick process to buy your home at market prices. Call today to book an appointment for a free home review and let us handle the rest.

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