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  • Michael Dattolico

The Lazy Gal’s Guide to Modernizing Your Home – Switch Out the Hardware

Welcome back to another Lazy Gal’s Guide to transform your home in a weekend’s time on a dime! This week, we’re talking about a much-overlooked part of a home’s design – the hardware. This refers to handles, faucets, knobs, shower heads, etc. These are parts of people’s homes that they touch every single day, yet most people don’t even give them a second thought. On the contrary, they play an important role in the appearance of a home. If the home was an outfit, the hardware is the jewelry that makes the look.

There are three parts of hardware that you should think of when deciding which option to choose. The first is function which inevitably leads to a discussion about shape. Do you want a classic round shape for a knob, or do you prefer a handle? What shape of handle do you like? Or maybe you want something with more form than function? Our advice is going to a home development shop since they often have hardware out on display. Trying them for size will help you decide which ones you enjoy the most.

The second and third parts are color and texture. It is extremely important to match the color of your hardware to your cabinets since they are seen together in almost all rooms. Our favorite colors are gold, rose gold and black since they complement most colors. Additionally, they are different from silver and brass which are typical colors most people have. Textures include shiny, matte, or somewhere in between. Happy designing!

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