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  • Michael Dattolico

The Lazy Gal’s Guide to Modernizing Your Home – The Nitty Gritty on Grout

On the internet and on social media, there are tons of before and after shots of homes transforming beyond recognition. I mean for some of these places you just can’t believe it was the same house. The new color palette is thought out, the furniture is meticulously orchestrated, and the flooring and appliances are brand spankin new!

While most of us would kill to get a complete home glam-over, sometimes there’s only enough energy and funds to change one thing at a time. In the Lazy Gal’s Guide, we’re going to give you the industry’s spicy tips on how to subtly transform your home with a weekend’s worth of time and on a dime!

Today’s tip is to paint the grout. A lot of showers, and sometimes other rooms, have some form of grout that either makes up the shower walls or dividers. While grout looks amazing when it’s new, it usually doesn’t age well unless you are meticulous with the cleaning. To no fault of anyone’s, eventually it will look lackluster with a hint of grey. If you aren’t in a position to replace your shower walls or dividers, the best way to fix this is the paint your grout! Choose a color that will match your aesthetic but black and gold have been some go-to’s over the years. For the floors, you can also paint the grout white for a cleaner, “newer” look. When done right and carefully, this technique can rewind the clock on your floors and interior by 10 years!

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