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  • Michael Dattolico

Two Story Renovation (Before) (Part 1)


Oh, we are here at our newest flip. The guys are already taping at the floors, but this house is amazing. So we've got formal dining, an office at the front with those gorgeous plants, bean sugars, once everything is going to get painted.


We've got these gorgeous wood floors you can still kind of see peeking through here. We're going to take throughout the whole house. This is a five bedroom, 4 1/2 bath home. Unfortunately the electricity transfer did not happen at the same time, so we are currently have no electricity, but we're getting there. It should be on later today, but anyway, so beautiful huge kitchen Butler's pantry down here.


We are going to be painting all the cabinets, new countertops, new backsplash, got this beautiful, beautiful breakfast nook. And then off here we've got the laundry room, and then we've got a secondary master. So there's two ensuites downstairs. This is the secondary master, and then we go over here and show me the primary.


Make it to these floors again so the floors are not in the kitchen and down the Butler's cancer right now, so we are going to bring these floors all the way over. Look at this gorgeous fireplace. Y'all.


And then we've got the master, well dark in here, lots of things to clean up, but huge, huge master and then huge master bath. So we're painting new cabinets. We're going to put a storage vanity in the middle here. We're going to do a new stand up shower in here with a built in vanity on the side and then a new stand alone tub. It is so so good. And then you got to peek outside. Look at this, this gorgeous pool.


In this outdoor kitchen area.


Let's pop out here. We got to see this thing.


Oh, my goodness. And all the cedar. So everything's going to get restained so that we can pull that cedar back out. But this gorgeous outdoor kitchen, we're going to do stone over the slate and do a, what's it called, concrete countertop.


Find this pool. Y'all. Oh my gosh, this pool. This backyard is so stunning and beautiful. I would like to sit right there and just hang out and have some drinks right now. It is lovely, lovely, lovely. So stay tuned as we flip this house.

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