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Yellow House Renovation (After) (Part 3)


So when we bought the property, there were fans everywhere here in the living room in this dining space and over in the kitchen Nook, but the ceilings are low, so we took all of the fans out and just put puck lights in the ceiling so that it's nice and bright and everything just feels much taller that way.


So we wanted to make sure that we opened up the space and just changing the lighting like that wasn't able to do that. So now when you walk in here, you're in this beautiful, very open, lots of natural light, but then lots of great light from the ceiling. And so you've got a grinding space, living spark the smoke. And then it opened to this grand corner that we played in. We actually kept the cabinets, but we've painted them and refreshed them, mostly new cabinet holes and then of course, the stainless steel appliances.


We created it and back to us just to give this a full refresh. So there's actually lots of commerce space here which is really nice and we're going to have the extension here for you know parties and whatever it's going to go on. But it's really great use of the space and the exciting people are just right in every everything feels.


This three bedroom house has all bedrooms down this hallway here. So the two bedrooms already have wood floors, so we kept that going. We just painted and did the base floors and they already actually had the fans in there, which was great.


And so we were able to just do real easy refreshes in these rooms, but make it really quite white, which is wonderful. And then of course just the high baseboards makes it feel so, so big in there. And then behind me is the 2nd bath. So in this they already had a new vanity, so we replaced the countertop, painted the mirror. They already had these can lights, so of course we did the fixtures and the Poles.


And then in the shower, we did a new tile shower surround and new faucet. So I love this black brushed finish. It's so fabulous. And then we've got the black grout behind it, so it all just kind of plays out with each other. But it just turned out so beautifully and I love these hex tiles so much. So anyways, this is our second batch. We're really pleased with how it turned out. Here we are in the master of retreat, you guys. This master is huge.


So we've got this fabulous city space. As soon as you walk in, which I just love, you can make this an office, you get this den and there's actually a built in over here. We took out the bottom piece of that and added these floors over countertops. So you've got tons and tons of storage in here and just this really nice peaceful space with the window and everything. It's just a really great area in the master, but then of course still a large master bedroom, the double doors to go outside.


Lots of great space in here, so they actually these are the same floors as the other rooms. They have these extra in the garage and so we were able.


To use them, which we were very pretty developed.


And then of course, renovated the master bag. So we removed everything. Vanities, floors, toilets, the shower, everything.


To these gorgeous new floors, which is my favorite thing. I think we've probably ever done new custom vanity because of dual things. And so the nice thing about building a vanity into the small space is that you can kind of make the things fit. So I really thought the two things was important. I love it at my home. I thought that they would love it here.


And then of course brought everything up with the vertical mirrors and then the two sconces. If so, it makes it all feel like it fits in here instead of feeling a prick, so you still have some good counter space in between the two sinks. And then of course the gorgeous bath.


I'd love this tile surround. And just doing it in that vertical lay instead of horizontally just makes it different and pop. And of course all the black brow and the black faucet finishes. We just love it. So this is the tour of our health. Thank you so much for joining us and we cannot wait to get some renters in here.


So here we are outside. We had a lot to clean up out here and so we actually there were flagstones already here. We repurposed it to make like this stone patio, added the Black Star gravel and then behind me is a covered patio that actually was enclosed when we purchased the property and there was a door over here on the side so you could get out into the backyard. So we opened it up, put tile on the.


Or wrapped the paint, painted it, and put a fan out in here says you have a really nice exterior space that just flows into the stone patio, in and out into the huge backyard, and they're so, so pleased with how this transformation came in.


We are Everson Cooper. Your as is home buyer.

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