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  • Michael Dattolico

Yellow House Renovation (During) (Part 2)

All right, we are walking into Deerfoot. They have started painting. I can't totally tell in the video, but we've got some Gray on the wall, some prep on the cabinet. Things are just starting to come together.


But what's really fun are the two showers. So here is one of them. All of the tile has been installed, and that second bathroom is so pretty. Oh, I just love it. And then in the master, we have a new vanity. So we actually have this little sitting area over here with some drawers, and then we're going to put a countertop on that. So that was just kind of like an office dish desk kind of area. And we took it all out and made it worse.


And then now we have a new vanity.


Here. And then of course the tile, the tile under this floor is unbelievable. You can kind of see it through the tape. It's so pretty. Anyway, things are coming along as see Gray and primed and all the things is good stuff. So keep staying tuned. Thank you. They are a deerfa and they're painting, but this last weekend we got.


Countertops put in. Look how beautiful these are. They're so nice. We've cut down the pony wall and have a nice big deep sink here now it's amazing. And then all the paintings happening in the walls look so good and so fresh. Lots of brightness going on in here. The bedrooms are fresh. Oh, it's so good. And then look at the bathroom. So the they prime the.


Cabinets. And then next we're going to actually paint them a Gray color. And then over here in the bedroom, we had this kind of funky built in and so we actually built drawers all the way down. So it's just lots of really nice storage. We're going to paint that white. And then a new vanity in the master with two sinks. So it is a small sink area. However, just having those two sinks is amazing. It makes a huge difference. So we are so excited for the progress stay too.


We are here at Deerfoot with a really quick exterior update. He's got the Sussex and the fascia getting painted, so it really blends in so, so nicely brings that really pretty ink wall color. So you can see over here where it's still yellow at the trim.


And then when we have the natural choice, it just makes such a big difference. We are so excited for how this House is coming along. We are right here at the end. We are Everson Cooper. Your as is home buyer.

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