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Our mission is to be an option to every homeowner that wants or needs to sell their home AS-IS. We are committed to provide opportunities, relief, and empowerment to homeowners who are in distress with their property.

We strive to help every family in every way that we can. Even if we aren’t the best solution for you, we will provide you with the resources to reach someone that can help.

Every family becomes a part of our family, and that connection doesn’t end once the transaction is complete. We keep in contact with all our families and aim to continue to be a resource that you can count on.


We are Elizabeth & Andy Greever, a husband and wife team dedicated to trying to help everyone that crosses our path.

EverSan Cooper is so much more than a real estate company to us.  It is our life, our  passion, and our love. "Ever" is the last part of Greever, our married name. "San" is the first part of Santangelo, Elizabeth's maiden name. "Cooper" is our beloved Chocolate Lab, who worked in the office with us every day until he passed, but stays with us in spirit.

We are striving to create a legacy for our family and have a profound impact on our community. We work to impact lives for the better, leave every home in better condition than we found it, and to contribute to a safe and beautiful community.




The first step is to schedule a call so we can get to know each other, get a better understanding of your situation, your property and how we can help.

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