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The first step is to schedule a call so we can get to know each other, get a better understanding of your situation, your property and how we can help.


We will research your market, come by the property and get a better understanding of any needed repairs or upgrades.  Within 48 hours, we will have a fair offer for you to review.


No matter why you need to sell -- downsizing, divorce or a new job -- we can typically close within 10-14 days on clear titles so you can move on with wherever life is taking you.


  • What do you do?
    We buy homes as-is. You do not have to complete any repairs, upgrades, or worry about inspection contingencies in order to sell us your home. We work on a timeline that fits your needs.
  • What is the process?
    First is our qualification call. We will get on the phone or zoom and have a quick chat about your home and situation. From there we will set an appointment to walk the house. This is our version of an inspection. Unless there is something we need a 2nd opinion on (in which case we will tell you that), we are done inspecting the house after our walkthrough. Within 48 hours you will receive an offer from us. Once we have agreed on a price, we sign a contract and it gets sent to the title company to process our transaction. The title company takes care of all of the transaction details and payments. We set a closing date and it's time to pack and move!
  • Do you flip or buy/hold?
    We do a combination of both. For us it becomes a math calculation to determine what we do with the house.
  • Are you an agent?
    We are not agents. We are local investors who either work directly with the homeowner or we work with the homeowners agent.
  • Do I have to list my house with you?
    No, we are not real estate agents, so there are no listings. If we work together it is a For Sale By Owner situation.
  • Are you going to take professional photos of my house?
    No, any photos we take are for our review prior to making an offer. While you are living in and the owner of the home, we do not have professional photos taken.
  • Who pays property taxes?
    As the owner of the home, you are responsible for the property taxes up until the date of close. The title company will prorate this for our closing and pay any property taxes owed. (If your taxes are due around the time we are closing, please discuss with the title company how to handle that properly).
  • What does it cost?
    We don't charge any fees to work with us. When we make an offer, you just have to calculate your mortgage payoff, prorated property taxes, prorated HOA, and any liens or forebearances that may be present (on rare occasion). We don't charge anything!
  • What do I do with the stuff I don’t want to take with me?
    You can leave it! Anything you don't want to take, sell, donate, or give away you are welcome to leave. Small joke because people have asked, you must take everything with a heart beat! Don't leave any animals or mothers in law! :). Our dog is already from a house that a homeowner left, we don't have room for more!
  • Do I need to clean?
    Not at all!
  • Do I need to fix anything?
    No, please don't unless it's for your safety before moving out.
  • How fast can we close?
    As quickly as 10 days, as long as 3 months. We will work with you on your timeline to make things happen when it works for your transition.
  • What does it cost out of my pocket?
    Only your mortgage payoff, prorated property taxes, prorated HOA, and any liens or forebearances (in rare occasion)
  • Can I stay in the house after we close?
    There are some circumstances where the seller needs to stay in the house for a week or two after closing, and we will execute what's called a leaseback. These terms can be negotiated at the time of signing a contract. (Note, this must be done at the time of signing a contract, and cannot be done right before closing).
  • How much does it cost to work with you?
    We charge you absolutely nothing to work with us. You will be responsible for paying any mortgage, personal or property liens on the home, prorated taxes, or prorated HOA fees. We will cover the cost of the owner title policy, escrow fees and filing fees.
  • Can you buy my house if it is facing foreclosure?
    We can buy houses that are facing foreclosure as long as we have enough time for title work to be completed before the auction (generally it takes 3-5 days to receive a title commitment), from there it varies dependent on what is necessary to clear title.
  • Who do you work with?
    We work with homeowners that want to sell their long time home in an as-is condition. The house has deferred maintenance or needs upgrades and the family does not want to spend the money to renovate. We work with families who are going through a life transition: death, divorce, downsizing. Seniors moving to a senior care community, children going through probate or an estate sale, or families moving for a new job.
  • Where do you buy houses?
    We are able to work with homeowners all over the Houston area, from as far north as Willis to as far south as Lake Jackson.
  • How quickly can you purchase my house?
    10-14 days is the quickest close, as long as title is clear. We can also be flexible and give you more time if you need it to move. We can work on a timeline that fits your transition.


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