How can EverSan Cooper Help You?

Do you have more questions about how the process works? Check out this video which will explain exactly how we buy your house and what the process will look like when you work with EverSan Cooper. 

Make Sure You Get Flood Insurance

Hurricane season is upon us and many within the Houston area suffered extreme losses last year due to Hurricane Harvey. If you went without flood insurance last year, don't make the same mistake again. It is worth it to insure your home and your belongings against nature's wrath.

own a home? you need to speak with an attorney

Most people don't think about the time when they'll need to sell their home. To avoid potential problems that could arise due to health issues, death or divorce, speak with an attorney before it's time to sell. If you are in the North Houston area, we recommend contacting David Murphy with The Law Offices of Murphy & Associates at (281)475-2022.


Renovations that add to your home's value

This is a 7-part question series that will help you establish your home's value and what renovations you can do to increase the value of your home.

The Importance of Appraisals

Hiring someone to do an accurate appraisal is of the upmost importance. An appraisal done poorly could cost you time and create huge headaches when it comes time to sell your home.

What do I do after Harvey?

If your home was flooded after Harvey, watch this 5-part question series. WE provide answers to a lot of the questions people are asking about what their options are after Harvey.