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Asymmetric Roofside (During) (Part 2)


Things going on in this house. The rooms are nice and fresh and painted. All the stuff that was on that back wall, like shelving and all these weird things are all gone now. So the room is nice and big open.


And then this bedroom back here is the one that had the weird like closet bathroom and now the bedroom is actually has a normal bathroom. So this will be a door and we've got to walk in, stand up, shower, new vanity, new toilet. It's gonna be awesome. It's actually like feels quicker and then now it's you.


And then in this bathroom we also ripped everything out. We're going to go back in with a tub and I'm doing it. House around and there's a new vanity in here as blue and again, just fresh paint makes such a huge difference. Cleaning up the walls, getting all the stuff off the street. Graphic looks so awesome right here.


In the upstairs in this house and when we got this house.


We weren't quite sure how we're going to make it all work. We had two rooms up here.


And a giant bathroom with the laundry. So what we've done is we've made this room like a game room or a bonus room or something like that that can be used. It also could just be in the bedroom. And then this laundry area we've actually turned into a laundry room. So it used to be part of the bathroom up here and now it is just a one big laundry room, which is super awesome, so.


We'll hop.


Over here to the bathroom.




Got a lot of work going on here, so this room gets a lot of light, so we thought this would be the best room to be.


The. Master.


It's a huge, huge room. You've got plenty of room for a king size bed and a city and three and all kinds of great things. And then this is the bathroom. So this actually was connected to the laundry initially and now they've rolled it off to make that a laundry room toilets back there. And then it's going to be a stand up shower and a brand new vanity, super great new here. So we've got a lot of good things going on.


And willing to make it a functional space because it was.


A little odd and not quite functional when we got it.


We are Eversan Cooper, your AS is homebuyer.

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