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Continuing Heritage: Emily’s Story

A home is much more than just a place to live, it is a place of gathering, of people, of family. Selling that home for many, means moving on from not just the location but the memories inside those walls. This was the situation Emily found herself when moving on from her grandparents home, but when Texas’s complicated laws prevented her from selling, we came in to help. This is Emily’s story.

Emily and her family lived with her grandma in a house her grandma and late grandpa purchased decades ago. With her late grandpa gone and Emily recently receiving an incredible job offer in Austin, she knew her family had to move on from this home.

Issue was, since Texas was a community property and her late grandpa didn’t have a probated will, they had to undergo much legal trouble to finally return ownership to her grandmother. After months of legal disputes, she was tired and wanted to tie up loose ends to finally pursue her dreams in Austin. We at EverSan Cooper were able to step in and give her a quick closing without dealing with the months work of listing, agents, and all other tasks involved. Now she and her family are happy in Austin, her loose ends taken care of.

We hope you found Emily’s story inspiring. At EverSan Cooper, we take your stress away by buying as-is, with a quick process to buy your home at market prices. Call today to book an appointment for a free home review and let us handle the rest.

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