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Floor Lamps for the Modern Home

For practical reasons, lighting is a huge consideration for home design. You want your home to be well lit during day and night AND in the right places. Many homes come with the bare minimum of a ceiling fan light for bedrooms and even living rooms. However, if you’re trying to get cozied up to read a book or to work on some emails, this isn’t enough lighting and certainly not where you need it. These floor lamps are stylish ways to bring ambient lighting into the home. They are perfect options to light up a section of the couch, the corner of the bedroom, or even a section in the office!

Anthony 61’ Arched Floor Lamp – This midcentury modern piece is perfect for Edison light lovers. What’s different about this piece is the dew drop detailing on the glass which gives it a unique texture. The cherry on top? – the light bulb is included!

Marsily 63’ Task/Reading Floor Lamp – This modern and classic lamp is perfect for the chill or reading corner of the sofa. It’s hook arm shape fits snuggly with most couch shapes and its linen drum shaped lamp cover is easy to pair with almost all other furniture.

Pulaski 79’ Arched Floor Lamp – This floor lamp is a soft statement piece. While it’s minimalist look helps it be compatible with a lot of different styles. It’s also noticeable and you are bound to get a lot of complements. It has a trendy look while at the same time different in its own way.

We hoped you enjoyed this product guide! For more ideas and inspiration, visit our founder’s Elizabeth Greever’s LTK page!

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