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Home Improvement…but Make it Binge-able

Whether you want to get inspiration for your upcoming renovations or you just want to fantasize about your dream home, Netflix has a ton of great shows in its archives! For the fanatic HGTV watcher, we’ve compiled a list of the best home improvement shows for your next binge.

1. Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

This classic and down to earth guide isn’t necessarily renovations based but still contains some great tips and tricks for the average person to consider if they want to better their home. While we won’t spoil the show by sharing her secrets here, let’s just say that her tried and true methods have helped thousands of families see their home in a new way without having to tear apart a single wall.

2. Interior Design Masters

Think interior design but let’s make it a reality TV show. In this series, 10 contestants compete for the title of Interior Design Master. They face a series of challenges to re-design different rooms with judges determine who did the most unique and innovative job. This show is perfect for those who want to unwind, shut off their brains, and see something new.

3. Tiny House Nation

While slightly different from your typical home design, Tiny House Nation deep dives into a series of tiny houses that people have made into their homes. Not only does this show has entertainment value in seeing how people have structured their smaller than average homes, it’s a great source of inspiration for those looking to minimalize or design their home with space in mind.

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