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Housewarming Gift Guides for 2022

Home ownership is on the rise after what is hopefully the worst of the pandemic is coming to an end. With lower home prices, many people closed on a deal in 2021 or looking to close in 2022. What does that mean for the new year? Housewarming parties! In this blog, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite housewarming gifts that are so full proof that you might want to get it for yourself! Let’s get into it:

This piece is SO UNIQUE. If your giftee is someone who plans on having their own bar area and you want to gift something more than just the standard plant or candle, this is the way to do it. It’s eclectic and fun but also functional so your giftee isn’t wondering what to do with this (aka it won’t be regifted).

One thing that is usually unique to home ownership is having your own porch since rentals rarely have this luxury. Why not celebrate it by gifting something that is dedicated to the porch. This wall décor from Target would go well with rustic barn house modern vibes. However, its metal accents could make it work with industrial by being the wood accent in the house.

Enjoyed the items listed here? Browse more of Elizabeth’s favorites at her LTK page where you can find more interior design and fashion items!

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