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How to Modernize Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are a great place to start when you are modernizing your home since they tend to be smaller spaces where replacing just a few items make a HUGE difference. Our advice is to start with the hardware such has lights and handles. Since these are more easily accomplished on a DIY basis as opposed to tiling which might need a professional. Here are some of our suggestions:

KSANA Bathroom Light – With black and gold detailing, these lights are really pack a dark luxurious feel, almost as if you’re visiting an expensive stores or a fancy restaurant’s restroom. With larger bathrooms, you can fit two over two mirrors to accomplish enough lighting.

TRUSTMI Faucet and DrainEasy installation and in four different colors (matte black, gold, chrome and nickel), this faucet and drain offers a modern take with its thin, straight handles as opposed to the thicker ones that are standard in most homes and apartments.

Pismo Square Knob with Lock – This knob is absolutely stunning with its thin, circular shape. Similar to the faucet, its unique shape is different from the standard in most homes. Installing hardware such as this sets your home apart from many others.

We hoped you enjoyed this product guide! For more ideas and inspiration, visit our founder’s Elizabeth Greever’s LTK page!

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