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  • Michael Dattolico

How to Renovate a Historic Home

Niche in so many ways, few people in their lifetimes will have the opportunity to enjoy the process of renovating a historic home. And boy is it a process! This experience is definitely not for the homeowner who wants to fix something up quickly and easily. A historic home requires a lot of thought and consideration, a prerequisite that most homeowners have when they consider purchasing a historic home.

What exactly are the steps of renovating a historic home? In terms of the basics, it’s very similar to renovating a regular home; however, more thought needs to be placed in the design and sourcing of materials. The homeowner should consider what needs to be replaced and what shouldn’t. They then must decide what order the renovations should take place. For example, if the pipes of the home are dated, those should be some of the first renovations to make since those are foundation changes. Additionally, you don’t want to ruin newly renovated walls by planning to do the pipes after new wallpaper or a fresh coat of paint. Electric wiring or even placing some electric appliance should be considered as well.

Flooring and walls are a large part of a homeowner’s thoughts since much of the home’s interior character is defined by the many creeks of the floorboards or unique design of the wallpaper. Some decide to redecorate. Other’s might decide to preserve the character but with new materials. Some of gone so far as to source the replacement materials from the original source as to preserve the authenticity.

As you can see, renovating and restoring a historic home is an entire process that should only be considered if you are a homeowner dedicated to the process. With regular homes, if you decided that you do not want to go through the process of renovation and are looking to sell your home, EverSan Cooper is your as-is home buyer in the Houston, TX area. Whether your home is a laundry list of repairs, an outdated home, or financially draining, we will buy your house without the need for maintenance or repairs. We work with your timeline and make you a reasonable offer swiftly. As a small business, our goal is to help families and uplift communities by giving people the chance to start new. Give us a call or schedule a meeting with us to see how much your home is worth!

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