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  • Michael Dattolico

Interior Design: Space Conscious Chandeliers

Classic chandeliers make sense in open homes with plenty of space to accommodate for its size and extravagance. However, most of us live in modest size situations. Whether it’s a home with narrower walls, an apartment, or just a smaller home in general,there are still ways to bring in some chandelier action to make your space look more refined and put together. Here are some options we love at EverSan Cooper:

This gives you a classic crystal chandelier look but is contained enough to use in small spaces such as bathrooms, laundry rooms and hallways. When you have less room to play around with decoration without it looking too busy, playing with lighting is a great way to elevate its look easily with just a few simple pieces like this chandelier.

If you want something a little more modern, this chandelier will give your space dimension. What’s unique about this chandelier is its boxy shape which add shapes to your interior, drawing viewer’s attention to this piece. Great for office spaces or to add a statement piece to a larger hallway.

If you are interested in more interior design and even fashion recommendations, check out Elizabeth’s LTK page. If you are interested in selling your home, EverSan Cooper is your as-is home buyer in the Houston, TX area. Whether your home is a laundry list of repairs, an outdated home, or financially draining, we will buy your house without the need for maintenance or repairs. We work with your timeline and make you a reasonable offer swiftly. As a small business, our goal is to help families and uplift communities by giving people the chance to start new. Give us a call or schedule a meeting with us to see how much your home is worth!

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