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Luxury Appliance Brands You Should Know About

Part of most renovation projects is upgrading the appliances. This not only increases the value of a home but also make living in it more enjoyable. There are two key factors to consider for new appliances – aesthetic and functionality. To help you in your research, we’ve compiled a list of three luxury brands you should consider for your next home renovation:

1. Bertazzoni

Founded in 1882 by the Bertazzoni family, the company is still family owned to this day and have served homeowners for the past five generations. They offer a series of appliances from refrigerators, dishwashers, stoves, wine chillers and more. Bertazzoni prides itself in creating functional pieces that last a lifetime. They also create fun colors like a bright red which can serve as a unique pop of color for any home.

2. Samsung

Combine home with technology. Samsung, known for its phones, tablets, and laptops have created kitchen appliances with the same ingenuity in mind. Take their washer and dryers for example. Samsung incorporated AI technology which gives you recommendations of wash cycles depending on the items you are cleaning. Energy and work efficient, this is perfect for the person who wants to job done quickly and without hassle.

3. Gaggenau

This German company has carried its legacy since 1683 and to this day still creates their items by hand to ensure quality and precision. Mostly offering kitchen appliances, they sport a handsome array of refrigerators, coffee makers, ventilation systems, and cooktops. Their design is subtle and minimalistic which is perfect for someone who wants quality without the extra fluff.

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