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Personal Development Speed Round: Self Care for Ambitious People

If ambition was a treadmill, a lot of us would be Usain Bolt. However, with any sprint or marathon comes exhaustion by nature. Ambition is the same way in that it takes WORK to be driven! It’s not just the early mornings and late nights, it’s the constant mental work of anticipating the next move and planning the next step. It’s the bravery to dream large and courage to accept nothing less.

Ambitious people are like athletes in their own right. Take a weightlifter for example. Say one day she hits a new personal record for weight she can squat. Excited, she tries to break her new personal record the next day. Most likely she won’t be able to because her body is sore and tired from the day before. Her inability to continuously increase her weight isn’t due to a lack of desire or work. It’s simply because she is human and her body needs time to recuperate in order to hit the next level. Rest days are important so that when she gets back in the gym a couple days later, she’s refreshed to fight through resistance, pusher harder, and set new personal records.

To all the ambition athletes out there – you know better than anyone that ambitious goals lead to a lot of resistance and challenges. While you are pushing through obstacles and solving problems remember to set aside time for rest. Make sure to rely on your support system and ask for help when needed.

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