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  • Michael Dattolico

Personal Development Speed Rounds: Taking Breaks

Somehow in our hustle culture world, “taking a break” became synonymous to laziness when, in reality, it’s something that should be considered normal. This is especially true for intentional breaks. Take working out as an example. Most trainers would agree that going to the gym seven days a week without any rest days is counterproductive towards strength conditioning. The reason is because our muscles and body need time to recuperate. All that time under tension and load actually causes microtrauma to the muscle fibers itself which is the soreness you feel after a workout. It then takes a couple of days for the body to repair the microtrauma and in the process, it fortifies the muscles to be bigger and stronger. That’s were progress is seen. Clearly, rest is a CRUCIAL part of that puzzle. Trainers will often build in rest days into a program for this reason.

Keep this concept in mind for other aspects of your life. Make sure to take your lunch breaks, mini breaks between studying, weekends off to spend with loved ones, and vacations for yourself. It’s the rest that makes the grind fruitful.

For more self-improvement and motivational content, visit Elizabeth’s YouTube channel where you can find her video on the importance of rest and more!

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