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Personal Development Speed Rounds: Time Under Tension

Ever been to a pilates class or any gym program and they ask you to pulse in a squat? Then you know how that motion gives you the sweet sweet burn that you probably hate in the moment but love a couple of days later…or maybe you still hate it. Either way, it’s that time under tension that causes your muscles to grow and make a difference towards your fitness goals.

Self-development works with the same gears. Being in the comfort zone provides you with no sense of tension let alone time in it. That’s another key to the puzzle – time. Pushing past your comfort zone won’t cause long lasting change if you are able to retreat back into your familiar place soon after feeling discomfort. A person needs to live in that discomfort enough to learn, adapt, and grow.

When you find yourself in a situation that is hard. And I mean really really hard, but you know that it will make you a better person. Ask yourself this – will I regret it later if I decided to not take this opportunity to grow? If the answer is yes then use that as your motivation to keep on pressing through.

To listen to Elizabeth’s full talk, check out her YouTube video and check out her channel for more inspirational tid bits and renovation videos!

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