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  • Michael Dattolico

The Lazy Gal’s Guide to Modernizing Your Home – Matching Tops and Bottoms

Welcome back to another Lazy Gal’s Guide to transform your home in a weekend’s time on a dime. Today we’re talking floors. Sometimes when we purchase a home or apartment, we’re stuck with floors that we might not be absolutely in love with. We’re not just talking about preference for carpet vs hard floors. We’re talking about if the color is absolutely hideous. Maybe it’s too yellow toned, too dark toned, too orange. Whatever it is, it makes your head spin but what’s even worse is that you might not have the funds or ability at the moment to change all of your flooring. What can you do? You can make the eyesore a part of the design!

What do we mean by that? Even if your floor isn’t the aesthetic that you want, it is an aesthetic on its own that can be enhanced into something pleasing. Since flooring takes up so much visual space in a home, we can work with it to create a color palette that is suitable and tasteful. For example, if your floors are dark than your preference, consider lightening your cabinets and getting matching dark knobs. Painting your cabinets a different color and switching out the knobs is much faster and more affordable than replacing your flooring. In this way, you are matching the tops to the bottoms. If the flooring is too yellow that use gold hardware. If the flooring is too light that try darker cabinets. There’s a color palette for every home and you can always add your own personality and style through the rest of the décor and furniture selection! Stay tuned for more Lazy Gal’s Guides.

EverSan Cooper is your as-is home buyer in the Houston, TX area. Whether your home is a laundry list of repairs, an outdated home, or financially draining, we will buy your house without the need for maintenance or repairs. We work with your timeline and make you a reasonable offer swiftly. As a small business, our goal is to help families and uplift communities by giving people the chance to start new. Give us a call or schedule a meeting with us to see how much your home is worth!

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